The 'SHARE' in SHARE For Cures stands for the System for Health And Research data Exchange. At its core, SHARE is a technology platform that enables research by providing real-world insights through the aggregation and analysis of the cases donated by our SHARE for Cures community. SHARE for Cures is interested in all health-related research questions and is committed to helping find cures for all types of diseases.

SHARE for Cures is involved in research in multiple ways. Please contact our Research Team using the form below if:
  1. Your institution (academic or nonprofit) is interested in receiving data from SHARE for Cures for your researchers through a partnership agreement
  2. You are a researcher who is interested in collaborating with our Research Team to answer a specific research question using our consented SHARE data
  3. You are a nonprofit or advocacy organization who would like to collaborate with SHARE for Cures on answering a research question important to your community